Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Responses from the audience | Guest Suites

"I was moved by so much. It was like looking into a glass room full of light and seeing these people clearly and yet not being able to hear their stories – only guess from what was seen. So much was hinted at, expressed, so many fragments of narrative and play, very poetic. It was beautifully structured too and I enjoyed this even more on second viewing. I loved the intricacy of patterns and the repetitions, and that joyous last section. I also had the feeling that all these characters were in the imagination of the musician – taking form as she played – part of the music and yet not the music. It was, of course, a delightfully musical piece too. I wish it could become part of the rep of a very good company. It’s so much better work than most we see, and would grow through performance."
Trisha Dudrey, Audience Member, Clore Studio, ROH 

"Thank you very much for Saturday's concert; the performance was deeply moving and in direct connection with the venue."
Audience Member, York Minster 

"After first seeing the performance at The Clore Studio, I was really touched by the performances of all the dancers, the emotional landscape they created together was extremely powerful to experience. I am inspired by seeing performers of all ages interacting and entwined in the work as one, this is unique in the wider 'dance world', and shares an inspirational message that I fully support and wish to see more of. The overall experience of Guest Suites for me was a reflection on being human and all that this means to each of us individually, highlighted by the audience participation, which was a delight to see. I also came away with strong feelings of a bigger picture of humanity, and the idea of guesting in each others worlds being one that is truly universal, a very beautiful experience. Seeing Guest Suites at York Minister was magical and awe-inspiring to witness, the dancers created a special atmosphere and relationship with the space, one that left you feeling 'Wow!'. Guest Suites fascination is it's ingenuity to adapt and shine in any venue/space, however, for me the experience at York Minister really felt at home."
Katie Keeble, audience member, Clore Studio and York Minister

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