Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who Became Those

Jacky Lansley & Fergus Early - Who Became Those from Matt's Gallery on Vimeo.

Jacky Lansley & Fergus Early are part of ninety collaborators that have been commissioned by Matt's Gallery, London, to contribute a film to TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell.

"In this short film, Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early celebrate the experiences they shared with Paul of working and performing in Butler’s Wharf in the late 1970s. Locations range from a trendy riverside cafe below the once derelict ’B Block’ which housed Paul’s studio and Lafone Street where X6 Dance Space, founded by Jacky and Fergus with others, was situated. Paul’s drumming accompanies a dance that inhabits the shoes of the past with the feet of the present"

Paul Burwell was infamous for his exuberant fusions of fine-art installation, percussion and explosive performance. He was a staunch advocate of, and passionate participant in, all forms of experimental art. TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell, realised by Anne Bean, Robin Klassnik and Richard Wilson embodies his prolific practice.

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